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Margarita Madness

Rick Brenneman  | Published on 4/4/2012

Margarita Madness

Mother Nature may have threatened the success of this event, but we were not to be deterred. At times throughout the afternoon we found ourselves huddled under the protection provided by the thatch roof of the ABR beach bar, or hurriedly gathered under the shelter of a nearby palm tree. 



These occasions seemed only to create a more intense need to whet our whistles.  I can’t remember the exact number, but I think Jack Power (he and his lovely wife Sue (Seafood Searcher) who were the event sponsors), related to me that something in the order of 60,000 gallons of margaritas were served. (most by Mike & Pat Beneville (Libations)) whatever the number, shall we agree that “massive quantities” would be an apt descriptor?

Ray Vallerie (Last Dance) demonstrated yet again his remarkable talent in selecting and mixing the perfect music for whatever the occasion.   The new sound system, selected last summer by RCs Social- Steve and Roberta Brandt (Indemnity), performed wonderfully once again, and has proven to be a great investment for our club.  

Beach games began with the ladies water balloon toss. 


 I have no idea what new genetically engineered material was used to make those balloons, but whatever it was, they simply refused to burst.  The distance between paired teams (a tosser and a catcher) was increasingly lengthened. At one point the tossers where out near Mermaid Reef with the catchers out on Elbow Cay still the balloons would not cooperate.  Someone suggested that any balloon which was missed, by the catcher, and landed on the beach would be fair game for stomping by the other contestants.  What ensued could only be described as “Margarita Madness” or perhaps “Girls Gone Wild”.\




The men watched and the men learned, when their turn came it quickly evolved into a full contact version of water balloon tossing.

One of the favorite events of the day was the 5 person sand skiing competition.  It seems that there is a goodly amount of leadership, coordination, strategy, skill and experience required in order to be successful in this sport.  A number of races were run and early on it seemed that most if not all teams were encountering significant difficulty.   Several teams actually capsized and tumbled to the sand.  As the event progressed one particular team nailed it and crossed the finish line while one of the competing teams (despite frantic gyrations) failed to get off the starting line.  


Hamburgers and Hot Dogs with all the trimmings and generous sides were served up by the staff at Abaco Beach Resort and provided a delightful and filling meal.  More great music, several more margaritas and the setting of the sun brought to a close another most enjoyable day in the clan of the RMHYC.

Thank you Jack & Sue and all the other volunteers involved with this most enjoyable event!