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Emergency Numbers


The Internet may not be available when you need these numbers! Please print them out
and keep in your Ship's Log.


     Police            Medical Offices  
     Royal Bahamas Police Force            Marsh Harbour  
       Cooper's Town  242-365-0002             Abaco Family Medicine  
         242-365-0004              Frank Boyce, MD 242-367-2295 
       Fox Town  242-365-2111            Auskell Advanced Medical Center  
         242-365-2117              Lakeisha McIntosh, MD  242-367-0020
       Green Turtle Cay  242-365-4133                242-577-0113
       Hope Town  242-366-0667            Government Clinic  242-367-0633
       Man O War  242-365-6911              242-367-0634
       Marsh Harbour  242-367-2560            Integrated Medical Center  
         911              George Charite, MD  242-367-1304
       Treasure Cay  242-365-8048                242-458-1234
       Sandy Point  242-366-4044           Marsh Harbour Medical Centre  
     Fire                James Hull, MD  242-367-0050
       Green Turtle Fire & Rescue  242-365-4133          Treasure Cay  
       Guanna Cay  242-365-5178            Corbett Medical Centre  
       Hope Town  242-366-0549                James Hull, MD  242-365-8288
       Man o War  242-365-6911                Darlene Hizitt, NP  
       Marsh Harbour  242-367-2000           Government Clinics (other)  
       Treasure Cay  242-365-9112                Cooper's Town  242-365-0300
     Dental                  Fox Town  242-365-2172
       Agape Family Dental Centre                  Green Turtle Cay  242-365-4028
         Therese Bonamy, DDS  242-367-4355                 Hope Town  242-366-0108
       Diamante Dental                  Sandy Point  242-366-4010
         Denise Archer, DDS  242-367-4968          Pharmacy  
         Christopher Varga, DDS              Abaco Island Pharmacy  242-367-2544
       Man O War Clinic              Chemist Shoppe  242-367-3106
         Norman Cove, BDS  242-365-6508          Veterinary  

 Bahamas Air Sea Rescue (BASRA) VHF 16  

            Caribbean Veterinary Centre  242-367-3551
      Guanna Cay  242-365-5178               Owen Hannah, DVM  242-367-3551
      Hope Town  242-366-0569             Island Veterinary Clinic  
      Nassau  242-325-8864               Derick Bailey, DVM  242-367-0062
      Treasure Cay  242-365-8749          U.S. Agencies  
                   US Embassy during business hours  (242) 328-3496
                   242-322-1181x9 or 242-357-7004 at all other times.
                  Coast Guard Bahamas Liason Office  242-325-0664

In the Abacos you may also dial 911 or call on VHF 16 with any Emergency



Last Update: Spring 2012