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Commodore's Ball

Heather Patterson  | Published on 2/17/2012

Commodore's Ball     (Roaring 20's)





2012 Commodore's Ball - The Great Gatsby









                                             Commodore Margo and husband Dennis Caldy






Oh, what a night..... Article by Heather Patterson



When I was asked to do a write up about the Commodore's Ball I didn't know where to start. Maybe a recap of the evening, maybe gush about the record ticket sales. But then, I thought this night would never have happened without a whole lot of people. I never knew it takes village to put on a Commodore's Ball or at least a yacht club of great people.


So here is my thanks to this wonderful village. Brenda Baker, Joy Funston, Helen Jacobs, Ray and Susie Vallerie, Rose Dowling, Cathy Sales, Tony Relouw, Jim Fenn, Bob Williams, Sidonia St. Germaine, Lily Jamrozinski, Jim and Ginny Merritt, Jack and Sue Powers, Vanessa Benjamin, Doug and Leslie Motel, Susie Patch, Pat Comber, Steve and Roberta Brandt, and my husband who never gets the credit he deserves, Bruce McAughey. This group of people, hung lights and lights then more lights, set up tables and chairs, moved 50 plus trees and plants, vacuumed, spray painted, sold tickets, glued, decorated tables, did radio announcements, selected music, looked after the speakeasy entrance, took down lights, put away decorations, picked up wine, played the music, dug through dust and cobwebs to find props and decor, served as hostesses, lit dozens of candles, and on and on.


In addition the Abaco Beach Resort grounds staff, engineering staff, food and beverage staff brought in trees, built our speakeasy door, took down a wall, provided excellent food service, served an exception meal, no wait bar service, delicious appetizers. And this list also goes on and on. Thanks to Andrew Sweeting, Chef Charles, Dwight, and Simon Parr.  And last but certainly not least Thank you to Commodore Caldy, for placing her trust in me.  


OH, WHAT A NIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!.....   (For pictures from the Ball, please visit the "Great Gatsby" Photo Page on our website)    There are over 60 photos in this album so it will take a couple of minutes to load. You can click on any individual picture to enlarge it or to be given an option to download a high res copy for your use or picture files.  Here is a direct link to the Great Gatsby photo page Great Gatsby